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Sports betting encompasses such a wide range of betting options, and each of these has their own language. This makes it a little difficult to generalize when it comes to betting tips, in fact it makes it a darn near impossible. Betting tips have to be based on the actual sport, and the best tip is, "make sure you know your sport well", after that, the jargon related to betting on your favorite sport becomes easier.

Sports betting is an adventure, it is not just like putting a penny in a slot machine and awaiting a random outcome. Although this can also be an adventure too, especially if you put in a penny and your chosen slot spits out pounds!

The adventure in betting lies in pitting your knowledge of a sport against the odds being predicted by the bookmaker and winning; it is like an "I told you so!" It makes you right and the losers wrong and it is this fanciful aspect of being able to predict an outcome based on empirical knowledge gained by studying betting forms and form, that makes it so exciting.

Anyone trying to give you generalize betting tips, may have your best interests at heart, but it is still not easy to generalize from sport to sport. If you don’t have any idea, and you want to place few pounds on a winner in the Grand National and some kind person who seems to know what they are doing passes a betting tip on to you; this is also ok. But don’t go and bet your life savings on it remember no gamble is worth losing your shirt, it is supposed to be fun.

There are a few generalized betting tips which may also be of help, such as you have to be 18 years or older to place a bet, even if this is online, if you are younger and take a chance and you win, you lose your winnings because you have to prove identity. Never bet more than you can afford to lose, and never take gambling seriously, leave that up to the professionals, you are doing it for the love of the game, and if you win, so be it!

One of the most widely practiced forms of sports betting is the sport of Kings – horse racing. This sport has a history going back into the annals of time, when 4 500 years BC, nomadic Asian Tribes pitted their skills against one another on horseback, it was also a royal sport in those days, and if you think we are competitive now, you should have sent he sport then. The winner took all and the loser was lucky to get away with his head still attached to his shoulders and this anecdote makes for another very good betting tip – never lose your head, it’s simply not worth it!!.

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